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Big cats are under threat worldwide—their habitats carved up and paved over, their lives endangered by conflict with humans. Local big cat populations are in danger of being wiped out completely.

It's up to us to help create a safe future for lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, jaguars, and other big cats in the wild. The National Geographic Society is leading the way with programs like the Big Cats Initiative and others—partnering with leading experts and funding on-the-ground research and conservation.

You can help protect these majestic animals by becoming a Big Cat Defender. Add your name below and pledge to do your part.

Right now, lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, jaguars, and other big cats are under threat like never before. I know that, from climate change to poaching, humans are responsible for the most serious threats facing big cats. And I know that it is our duty to protect big cats, to restore their habitats, and to ensure that humans find ways to live safely beside them.

I believe we must create a safe future for big cats. I promise to do my part—to spread the word about the dangers facing big cats, to support conservation efforts, and to do whatever it takes to help big cats thrive.

I am a Big Cat Defender.

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